Challenging believers in Jesus to think and act based on Bible truth.

Monday Challenge 10.12.15 – God on Monday, What People Can’t Do, Bedtime Texting


Happy Monday everyone! Along with that comes a new set of challenging articles. Maybe you saw some of these last week, maybe you didn’t. Either way, enjoy – and be challenged!

God on Monday

Is God as relevant on Monday as He is on Sunday?

Question: Would you describe your life as Godward?

What People Can’t Do For You

Paul Tripp once again does a great job of pointing us to God. This article contains a great list of things people just can’t do for us.

Question: Which one hits closest to home?

Think Time Management

This article suggest something specific regarding phone calls. I need help thinking like this.

Question: Do you ever think about the specifics of your schedule like this?

Teens and Bedtime Texting

Research shows some interesting negatives to teens and bedtime texting.

Question: What’s wrong with banning smartphone use at bedtime?

Friday Feature 10.9.15 – How Affairs Begin


TDAS.001From Monday, the most clicked article related six steps to an affair. I hope readers clicked concerned for how to affair-proof your marriage. If you clicked for others reasons, please turn back before it’s too late! Check out the article here:

How an affair really begins.

Only one summary comment here.

1. Don’t lie to yourself.

Throughout the six E’s, the reader can observe steps that involve deception. The article points to the reality that you will be tempted by someone at some point.

Also, coated in this article is intentional or unintentional ignorance of a neglected marriage. If you somehow have bought that your marriage will survive without work, effort, intentionality, or intimacy, truth is lacking.

Think. For a few minutes, make this article about yourself instead of others. Do you identify with any of these steps?

Act. Talk to your spouse. Fight for your marriage. Remember, God desires the survival of your marriage, and even in the most dire circumstances, action and honesty can get a marriage seemingly headed for disaster back on the tracks.

Think and Act 10.7.15 – Facebook, Feelings, and Gun Control


If you clicked on this post looking for my position on gun control, I’m about to disappoint you. But you won’t be disappointed if you keep reading.

My topic comes from a Facebook post by a friend, a mother, a sister in Jesus, who cried out via a statistic that she wished guns weren’t doing the damage they did.

Harmless, right? Well, as you might imagine, some commenters took the opportunity to reduce the content of the post to arguments regarding the gun control debate.

My friend admirably held her own, pointed out that sadness and fear motivated her post, and directly challenged some of her commenters as people who would publicly comment on Facebook in ways they most likely wouldn’t interact with her in person.

Now listen, I have no intention to write a blog article defending my friend or shaming her commenters. Each interacted in a public forum. The point of this transcends personal allegiance. My plea begs for all of us to engage in the tough task of discernment and empathy.

Hopefully a couple summary comments will challenge:

1. On the specific topic, please put yourself in the shoes of someone affected by gun violence.

It’s easy to quote statistics. I understand those statistics and I’m all for freedom. But I’m all for empathy too. If you know people who have been directly or indirectly affected by gun violence, is it too much to ask to think about the effect this has on people before you defend your political position?

Words fail to capture the pain of traumatic loss. Someone working through those emotions deserves space.

2. Regarding Facebook etiquette in general: consider personal connection.

Please realize that hotly debated issues in an online forum plus inadequate personal history and trust equals an atmosphere ripe for hurt and misunderstanding.

I understand Facebook is a public forum and posts by nature invite public comment. Those comments and discussions can prove helpful, but also hurtful.


Do certain people invite debate in a healthy way? Find them. Debate with them.

Is it clear someone doesn’t post much or is posting out of emotion? Maybe you should re-consider.

Would you never say in person what you’re about to type in response? Hmmmm……

3. To think is to work.

Generalizing is way easier than thinking. Processing, discerning, asking tough questions, and even pausing before responding take much more intentionality. Thinking requires work. When we value people and especially the way we as believers conduct ourselves in light of the gospel, that thinking proves necessary.

Think. How should believers engage tough topics online? When should we reserve debate for personal interaction? What level of thickness of skin should believers develop before posting about controversial topics?

Act. Discern. Think. (Yes, acting involves thinking.) Empathize. Do the difficult work to engage a person before you attempt to wreck a political ideology. And, by all means, don’t let political ideology construct unnecessary barriers for opportunities to proclaim or advance the gospel.


Tuesday Rambling 10.6.15 – A Marathon Is Like Following Jesus


For me marathon week has arrived! This weekend I’ll attempt about my 12th full marathon. Preparation began shortly after the beginning of the year, goal in sight.

Check out some rambling thoughts about how a marathon shares similarities with following Jesus.

  • Training for a marathon, you have to have the long haul in mind.
  • Marathon runners can’t get too excited about a good week or too down about a bad week.
  • All athletes in strict training must manage their emotions.
  • Race day excitement may influence the starting line atmosphere. But believe me, by the time mile 21 rolls around that excitement is gone!
  • If you spent all your emotional energy in the first five miles, a crash later in the race is all but guaranteed. Sound like the parable of the sower?
  • To run a marathon (26.2 miles) with any goal in mind, you have to make your body do things you may not want to do.
  • You may lose convenience, sleep, comfort, or entertainment.
  • Others may be asked to sacrifice a bit with you as you train.
  • Any of these, in various ways, mirror aspects, seasons, or constant truths of someone longing to follow Jesus each day.

Monday Challenge 10.5.15 – Facts of Umpqua, Chipotle Church, How Affairs Happen


It’s the first Monday in October. Time flies! Here we go with another Monday of challenging (I hope) articles. Friday’s Feature will highlight the article you click the most today.

How Affairs Happen

This article talks about how affairs happen. Please, don’t think you’re exempt.

Question: Have you ever seen yourself at the stages listed?

Chipotle Church

Chipotle offers great choice. Should we view church through the same lens?

Question: How do we detail differences between what we want and what we need?

Umpqua Shooting FACTS

After shootings, lots of stories emerge. This article states facts, and may get updates as time goes by.

Question: Do you question accuracy of events?

Planned Parenthood Videos

This site gives you one place to stop for a summary of what the videos contain.

Question: Convicted enough to share yet?

The Last Enemy

What is the last enemy? Scripture tells us. This article summarizes and challenges.

Question: How does this article comfort or challenge on this Monday?