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Friday Feature 10.30.15 – Healthy Sexuality


Good Friday afternoon.

Monday’s readers clicked the following article the most:

Six Marks of Healthy Sexuality

I encourage you to give the article a look. I found the advice and concepts here especially helpful.

Two summary thoughts:

1. Anti-Self.

A good approach to anything involves putting others’ interests ahead of your own. So much dysfunction comes in a sexual relationship when we focus on ourselves. This article illustrates that at several meaningful points.

2. Truth

Maybe you’ve never thought of it this way. Much of what we see portrayed about sex in culture and media simply rings false. False.

Sex within God’s boundaries represents truth, not fantasy. Learning to ground all of life in God’s truth protects us from believing or acting out of false premises or beliefs.

What did you find most helpful about this article?

Think. Do you have a healthy approach to sexuality? What from this article can you discuss with your spouse? If you’re not married, how can you apply these truths as you wait to experience sex in God’s boundaries?

Act. Open up some good conversation with a spouse or accountability partner. Rely on God’s grace to move you toward health, and realize it’s a process rather than an event.

Think and Act 10.28.15 – Enjoy What You Have


Can you enjoy what you have?

What most focuses my attention on this thought is the fall we’ve had. First, I love fall so I’m a bit partial.

But I’ll run into the occasional person who will agree, yet seemingly with some hesitation.

Can you guess what comes next in these conversations? Yeah. “But winter is coming.”

Who cares!

I realize human nature can send us on a drift to the negative. When you drift, it takes effort to change course.

We could point out the negative in so many situations. But in order to do that, you almost inevitably must make an intentional choice to ignore something positive.

Your car door squeaks, your kid spilled the milk, someone looked at you funny at church, and you got an extra bill in the mail. But you have transportation, your child has maintained health for an extended stretch, you have a church family to join for worship and encouragement, and God hasn’t let you down with the bills before.

Sure life has negative. And I’m not the best on hesitating to unload some complaints from time to time.

But can we just slow down and enjoy what we have? Do you need God’s guidance and help in doing this as much as I do?

Think. What do you have that you don’t enjoy as much as you should?

Act. Work to re-shape your prayer life and attitude to give God a chance to help you grow into an attitude that gives you the focus to slow down and enjoy the sweet moments in life.

Tuesday Rambling 10.27.15 – This Picture!!!

Check out this photo, then see some rambling thoughts about it below.


  • I took this picture Monday night (10/26) while hiking with our family.
  • I think the Metroparks in the Summit County area are an incredible asset to our region.
  • I love fall colors. The time of day was about an hour before dark.
  • I think I like the trees in the foreground and the color they add while still allowing a great look at the stunning fall colors in the background.
  • This trail is right in the middle of civilization, but when you hike it you feel miles away from normal life.
  • I love hiking and seeing sights like this. Why? Because God is Creator, and these types of images stir my soul to worship Him.
  • My only wish was that I had more time. Next time we go here I will have more time. The narrow trail made for a challenging hike as a steep cliff reminds you of close danger almost every step of the way.
  • We had a tight grip on our five year old as we navigated the trail, which had its share of bumpy terrain.
  • Did I mention we did the last 15 minutes in mostly dark conditions?
  • Praise God for a challenging hike and beautiful scenery that reminds me of His might!

Monday Challenge 10.26.15 – Healthy Sexuality, Teen Driving, Church Is Not A Drive Through


Happy Monday morning!

Maybe you don’t think it’s happy. That’s okay, it’s Monday. You don’t have to love it passionately. I find it hard to believe this is the last Monday of October. I hope you find these articles challenging. I’ll be back Friday with a feature on the one that gets clicked most!

And…for you regular readers…it’s almost time for the annual give-away! More details to come in the next couple weeks.

Healthy Sexuality

This article outlines six great marks of healthy sexuality. From unmarried to married, this provides some great points for a godly approach to sexuality!

Question: According to this article, how should we deal with sexual dysfunction and brokenness?

Teen Driving

Five quick, but helpful tips to keep teens safe. Ignore the annoying ads on this site.

Question: If you’re an adult, do you drive with these restraints?


This fantastic piece describes a life-altering encounter with the truth of Jesus. Check it out!

Question: What has burned in your bonfire?

The Church Is Not…

A drive through. Really, we should treat the church as something far different.

Question: To give or to get? Which is your approach to church?


Friday Feature 10.23.15 – A Mom Writes Her Sons About Sex


It’s Friday once again. Readers found this article challenging. Ann Voskamp writes her sons about sex and why they should wait until marriage. Check out this well written article here:

About Not Waiting Till Marriage: What Noe One Tells Kids & What I Wish Someone Had Told Me

Please read this. It’s thoughtful and well put together.

A couple things really stand out to me:

1. There is nothing casual about giving away your soul.

I love Voskamp’s slant that the skin only represents the surface of the soul. You can’t do something in your flesh that won’t affect your soul.

Anyone involved in casual, pre-marital, or extra-marital sex should stop and think about this point. Please commit now to saving this act for someone who you wish to connect with on the best, deepest level imaginable in marriage.

2. Acceptance.

If sex involves all feelings and no true security, then it cannot reflect the Gospel. The Gospel affects us, challenges us, leads us into deep waters of trusting that Jesus won’t bail on us because He knows our sin.

Sex should be the same way. What a challenge.

Think. Did this article challenge your view of sex in any way?

Act. Who can you share Voskamp’s article that will teach them some precious truths about sex?