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Monday Challenge 1.5.14 – Kids Who Can’t Think, Prayer for 2015, Social Media, Challenging Christmas Article


Happy Monday? Well, maybe not – it’s the first Monday of the New Year.

Happy New Year? Maybe we can agree on that.

Great topics and challenges for the New Year. As usual, I’ll be back Friday with a feature on the article that gets the most clicks.

Link of the Week

Ken Ham explores this claim: “You’re raising kids who can’t think.” This is a claim against people who teach their kids the doctrine of creation. It’s an article that should challenge how you view thinking and intellectual development.

Question: What exactly is good thinking?

Social Media – Just Like Babel?

Is social media just like the events at Babel in Genesis 11? Jemar Tisby does a great job helping us think about a couple downsides of social media.

Question: Is social media a dangerous gathering place for you?

I Know Christmas Is Over

Even though Christmas is over, I didn’t want you to miss this challenging article about our Christmas celebrations – and who’s there.

Question: How can we better include struggling individuals in our holiday celebrations?

Prayer for 2015

When we grow passionate in prayer. Let these thoughts challenge your approach to prayer as 2015 begins.

Question: How can your prayer life grow in passion and focus this year?

Men You Should Never Marry

Not sure I’d agree with everything here, but the article makes you think. Ten (types of) men Christian women should never marry.

Question: For guys – do any of these describe you? Ladies – do any of these types of men draw you? Do you see the potential pitfalls?