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Friday Feature 10.31.14 – Divorce Is Inevitable For Every Marriage


What an interesting title to the Friday Feature. Check out this article which had the most clicks from Monday’s post:

The Wide Road to Divorce

I think this is an honest, good read. Here are some things that stand out:

1. Divorce happens.

It’s not what everyone wants. It’s not flippant. It’s painful. But it happens. And this is one type of story.

Please, if you’ve never been divorced, and you hear that someone has: withhold the judgment.

2. Divorce is inevitable – without . . .

Christ. Yes, without Christ. Without Chris-like love, marriage becomes a VERY difficult proposition. Why is that? Well, you can read Ephesians 5 and see what marriage is supposed to be. Then, you can figure out why it’s a very tough proposition to try it another way.

3. Give or take.

It’s your decision. The author’s point of giving, living to meet another’s needs before your own, is the key. You can do it without Christ and succeed to some extent. The preferred way is to live sacrificially for another because Christ lived and died sacrificially – for you.

Think. Is your marriage performance based?

Act. Try having a conversation with your spouse about how you could better support them and help them – without expecting the same conversation in return regarding what they can do for you.

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Think and Act 10.29.14 – When No One Reads Your Blog

We live in a day and age when it’s beyond easy to find false affirmation.

Social media provides people of all ages the opportunity to gain affirmation through saying things, telling stories, commenting on current events, posting photos, and all sorts of vanity.

Much of what is on social media is valuable and noteworthy. But, if we’re not careful, we can dupe ourselves into thinking that what we do on social media is more important than it is. Worse, we may fall into the trap of deriving self-worth from social media.

I entitled this “When No One Reads Your Blog”. I write a blog several times a week, pretty much every week. A great question is: why?

Why write?

Do I write so a certain number of people will read it? Do I pen particular posts so I can get a certain amount of traffic? Do I feel better about myself when I write a post that gets a lot of hits? Should it really matter to me how many people read it?

Well, yes and no. What’s most important is the heart. Let me explain.

If one person reads one post and their life is totally transformed by that post, would you say my time and effort were worth it? Would those teaching about how to have a successful blog agree?

The point.

The encouragement here? Be confident in what God is prompting you to do, grow in your ability to do it, and know that what you’re doing can be used because it’s exactly what He wanted you to do.

If I was trying to be a professional blog writer, I’d be a big fat failure. I’m not. So whatever I do, I want it to come from my heart, point people to God’s Word, and encourage whoever accesses my site.

Can we all say that about the way we portray ourselves online? Let’s be sure to find our affirmation through our identity in Christ. We’ll never find false affirmation there.

Think. Do you tend to seek false affirmation through the use of social media?

Act. Work to point people to God’s Word in all you do, no matter the audience God gives you.

Tuesday Rambling 10.28.14 – Christian Education Tests, Wasting Time

It may seem like the two topics in the title are related, but they’re not. Time to ramble. It’s Tuesday!

Christian Education Tests

  • So I have to take a test this week for my Medieval Theology class.
  • In many ways I think taking tests and earning grades are like playing a game.
  • You play by the rules, you try your best, and the outcome will be what it will be.
  • I don’t like these games. Tests really don’t establish what you know or how you’ve been shaped by the class material.
  • For me, conversations do that. Re-inforcing things by talking about them, teaching them, or writing about them is what brings about lasting learning for me.
  • Most people dread writing the term paper, but I like the paper-writing exercise because it forces me to interact and explain in ways that no multiple choice answer ever will.
  • We will forget a large chunk of what we memorize for a test; it’s what we’ve processed that will stay with us.

Wasting Time

  • I don’t know about you, but I strongly dislike wasting time.
  • Example: one time last year we got called to an “important parent’s meeting” at the school regarding the class trip at the end of the year. They said nothing at the meeting that wasn’t clearly spelled out in the handouts we received.
  • I would much prefer: Here are the handouts with the info. Please call us if you have any questions.
  • I have to be careful though; hating the wasting of time can often lead to impatience. Sometimes “wasting time” is exactly what God wants me to do so I can see how superior His timing is to mine.
  • And the fruit of the Spirit is . . . patience . . .

Have a great Tuesday!

Monday Challenge 10.27.14 – Wide Road to Divorce, Happy All the Time, Parenting IS Waiting



Great articles this week. Time for another Monday Challenge! As usual, I’ll be by on Friday with a look at the article that gets the most clicks and deserves that attention!

Link of the Week

There is a wide road to divorce. This brutally real article should help those who sometimes just don’t understand why divorce happens.

Question: What would you do if you ended up in this author’s circumstances?

The Christian Faith

1. Parenting IS waiting.

Question: Speaking of brutal articles, how’s this one for reality? If you fixed on ONE of the many fine points here, which one was it and why?

2. Also from Desiring God: Attend corporate worship!

Question: Which of the three reasons do you think is most difficult for our culture to overcome?

3. The attacks in Ottawa last week were newsworthy, even in the U.S. This is a great response, from a Canadian believer.

Question: Why is it easy to bury these things below the surface?

4. Can you be happy in every circumstance?

Question: How do you deal with the reality of suffering and difficulty when you know that God wants you to have joy in Him?

Friday Feature 10.24.14 – Seven Things Your Church Needs From You

As an article that was clicked most on Monday, today I feature an article definitely worth a Friday Feature. This will challenge your view of the local church:

Seven Things Your Church Needs from You

Please read the article!

Once you have here are a couple closing points that stood out to me:

1. Priority

There is nothing (not school, business, outside group, non-prof, family) that grows by people prioritizing it less. This article has good thoughts about what it really takes to be committed: priority.

2. Serve

The more we serve others, the less selfish we will tend to be. I’ve not found too many people who have proven this wrong. So, the local church is a great place to serve. And the more you do, the more both your faith and your church will grow.

Think. If you are a believer, is church a priority? Why or why not?

Act. Don’t pick all seven. Pick one or two of these and live them out for the glory of God!