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Tuesday Rambling 4.29.14 – Donald Sterling, Morality, and Something Funny!!

Time to ramble. It’s Tuesday so let me throw a few thoughts out there:

Donald Sterling

  • If you don’t know who that is, you might be living in a cave.
  • Just in case, he is an NBA owner who made some overtly racist remarks.
  • He has now been banned for life from all NBA activities and the league will try to force him to sell his team.


  • Our world doesn’t care much about certain areas of morality, or what it perceives to be moral.
  • Apparently, racism is really taboo and caused a huge pushback from fans, players, and culture.
  • Racism is something that won’t be tolerated in the NBA, but surely the NBA players call each other the “N” word just as they do in the NFL? I just don’t like the double standard, that’s all.
  • If they’re looking to get rid of racist overtones (which they absolutely should), then why not be consistent?

Something Funny!

  • So, a baseball player who left the Yankees this past winter makes his return to Yankee Stadium tonight (with his new team, of course).
  • See what Jimmy Fallon did to fans who wanted to boo him. Hilarious!
  • Aren’t we fickle?

Monday Challenge 4.28.14 – Jesus Renews Cities, Don’t Stop at the Disney Sign

As usual, Monday for me is sharing what I read. I like to see different takes on various topics, and I like to share those articles with others. On Friday I’ll feature the article that generates the most interest from this list. Enjoy, and as always, be challenged.

Link of the Week

Jesus still renews cities.

Question: If you’re not a pastor, how can you be a part of something like this?

Christian Faith

1. A quick theological piece, but good. Did you know Jesus lived for you?

Question: Is Jesus’ death or life easier to think about?

2. Identity: Don’t stop at the Disney sign. Intriguing thoughts about where we get significance.

Question: What is the #1 temptation in your life that seeks to lead you away from God for satisfaction?

3. Which should you pray for: healing or miracles? Good thought here.

Question: Does the answer surprise you? How does it shape how you think?


1. Can you carry on a conversation? A teacher shares struggles with students in this area.

Question: What practical steps can you take to be a part of helping others in this area?

2. An area group is a part of blessing motorcycles. Something I’d never think of, but really a good thought.

Question: Anyone you’d think to bless?

Friday Feature 4.25.14 – I’m Glad People Clicked On This Article

I really am glad people took me up on reading this article, even though I told them they wouldn’t want to. So, I’ll feature it on Friday since it was the highest clicked link from Monday’s post.

Please read here so you can have an idea what goes on in places we don’t want to talk about.

After you’ve read the article, here are a few comments.

1. Do we not care because we can’t see it?

What if this happened on your street and you knew about it? Would you do something? I wonder often times if the lack of caring about abortion in our society by all of us (notice I said “us”) who say we care is because it’s hidden and somehow not as real to us.

2. If you favor abortion, how do you answer?

It continues to totally baffle me how any human being could know the types of things described here are true and think it’s a matter of freedom. Please, I urge you, re-consider your position if you think abortion is a matter of freedom.

3. Forgiveness is available.

If you have had an abortion, forgiveness is available. It’s not an unforgivable sin, and Jesus died to forgive you. He CAN make you whole and help move on what is nothing less than a traumatic experience for many involved. Testimonies are available online in places like this.

Think. Do you care about things like this going on?

Act. Get involved. I won’t do an exhaustive list of ways to get involved, but do something. Use your voice, offer to help those considering abortion, or support those who do offer such help.

Think and Act 4.23.14 – 15 Words to Fight Selfishness

Recently I preached on Ecclesiastes 2:1-11. At the end of the sermon I gave five suggestions for fighting the selfishness that seems to rage in our lives, and the types of selfishness Solomon addressed in the passage.

Here are 15 words to challenge selfishness:

  1. Thank God often.
  2. Serve others much.
  3. Visit the elderly.
  4. Give something away.
  5. Reject celebrity idolatry.

Think. Do these challenge you? How?

Act. Simple! Put them into practice and replace selfishness with servanthood and love.

Tuesday Rambling 4.22.14 – Please Pray, Whining, and Special Needs Individuals

It’s Tuesday. Time for the weekly hodge podge of rambling.

Please pray

  • Please pray for a family I’m connected to in the Akron area. A husband and wife’s first child is having serious health issues after being born Sunday.
  • Please, if you have room on your prayer lists, pray for Kenmore neighborhood in Akron, OH. Many people are praying diligently that God will be active and bring peace to our neighborhood.
  • I’m full of ideas to help bring peace but I’m not moving anywhere without spending significant time in prayer.


  • So baseball began extended instant replay in games this year. You’d think people would be happy that more calls are getting called correctly.
  • But it seems like some people think the whole system is a waste. Perhaps the loudest voices are the ones whose teams have gotten shafted on some bad calls (understandable).
  • But, shouldn’t everyone be happy more calls are correct than not? Sheesh! Enough with the whining!

Special Needs

  • Over the weekend in the Akron area a young woman with special needs was missing for several days. Praise God she was found.
  • This sort of incident makes me pray hard for people who deal with difficult realities in the lives of adult friends and family members.
  • This sort of incident also helps us think through how we will care for our own daughter with special needs.
  • With special needs stunting certain aspects of development, predictability you might have with normally developing children can be thrown out the window. Those are facts and it’s helpful to know.
  • And the greatest of these is “love” – which is sooooo needed in situations like these. Wow.