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Friday Feature 2.28.14 – Nine Things to Know About Marriage In America

This article is part of a series worth reading. But marriage is the focus of this one and it caught the most attention from Monday’s post. Read it here:

Nine things you should know about marriage in America

As always, please check the article out if you haven’t yet.  After that, here are a few thoughts:

Married later because . . . 

Well, because it’s not valued. When T.V. shows, movies, etc. portray  marriage as something that is simply a convenience, what do you expect to happen? In a culture that portrays marriage this way, I’m surprised the age of marriage isn’t higher.

Children are a convenience too.

Again, this doesn’t apply to everyone. But it makes sense. If you don’t value the commitment to marriage, why on earth would you complicate your self-focused view of life and relationships by adding children?


As I challenged Monday, don’t use the facts in #9 about education and family background to think that those without it won’t succeed. Know that if you’re working with people in marriage who have less of those common success factors, then the efforts may be more frustrating and require more diligence.

Marriage: always worth it, because it glorifies Jesus!

Think. Is there anything in this article that surprised you?

Act. Healthy marriages lead to healthy families with people fulfilling the roles God intended them to have. Pray for marriage and strive to help those in marriage stay encouraged!

Think and Act 2.26.14 – What I Learned From A Recent Facebook Post



Last week I posted the above photo to my Facebook page. I was stunned to come across it. The sunrise was beautiful and my proximity to the one goose was pretty close. A cold morning, but a fun photo.

What did I learn? Not everyone sees things the same way I do. The majority of the comments were about how bad the weather was or the pending amount of goose poop in this area!

Now listen, I have nothing against anyone who commented on the photo. My caption of “Wow!” seemed limited. So I guess people took the “Wow!” in their own way. I truly did appreciate the variety of responses. It was instructive to me.

The lesson here? Let’s try two:

1. Things are interpreted by different people in their own way. Social media is limited and this is one tiny example of why.

2. When you make something public, you open yourself up to feedback you may not have intended. Be okay with that.

Think. How often do you consider someone’s intentions when you view something on social media? Or, do you think of your reaction before their intentions?

Act. Be realistic in what you want out of social media and be ready for reactions that may surprise you.

Tuesday Rambling 2.25.14

Time for the weekly smattering of thoughts. Tuesday Rambling it is!


  • The importance of Scripture has dominated my thinking lately.
  • God gave us His Word that people might hear it. No reason to substitute other things as primary.
  • Scripture should be key to how we operate as Christians.


  • It will be four more years till the vast majority of people in the world care what a triple lutz, toe, axel, or sow cow is. One-two-three: Awwwwww.
  • The closing ceremonies were pretty good. I loved the fact that they made fun of their blooper in the opening ceremonies.


  • It’s been a while since I’ve been in shape to run at a competitive pace (for me, anyway). I’m trying to get in good shape by May.
  • If the May race goes well, I might try to qualify for the Boston Marathon this fall. You can qualify for Boston (a spring race) a full year and a half before you run the race. So, I could qualify for my 40 year old time at 38.5. Weird, huh?


  • “I believe in Christianity as I believe the sun has risen; not only because I see it, but by it I see everything else” – C.S. Lewis
  • “If His grace is an ocean, we’re all sinking.” – David Crowder

Monday Challenge 2.24.14 – A Leader’s Panic Attacks, Passion of the Christ 10 Years Later

It’s the last time I’ll be doing this on a Monday in February 2014.  Isn’t that nuts? Some very intriguing articles today. Be challenged!

Links of the Week – Fear and Panic

A Christian leader is open and honest about panic attacks. Good challenge.

Here’s another article I found this week (maybe God is saying something?) about how to cast your anxiety on Christ.

If you’re a rocker, you could always do this.

Questions: How would you respond if you struggled with something like this, especially in a leadership position? What role does God’s grace have as you evaluate this honesty? Is it too easy to judge?

Passion of the Christ – 10 Years Later

Tim Challies asks: Did we just write a bunch of checks to Mel Gibson?

Question: Does our conviction about Scripture matter?


Here’s an article outlining nine things you need to know about marriage in America. I thought the ninth was fascinating, but it shouldn’t be read that those without that background can’t make it.

Question: Do you take it as a challenge that it takes more work in areas with less education, wealth, and strong family background to make marriage work?

Loneliness and Death

Can loneliness lead to an early death?

Question: Do we need another reason to be active in visiting our seniors, sick, and shut-ins?



Friday Feature 2.21.14 – Family Devotions in Real Life

I don’t know if you’ve tried family devotions in real life or not. They’re a lot of fun, but they’re really difficult to maintain. This article speaks well to these points and was the top attention-getter from Monday’s post.

Have a look at Candice Watters’ article entitled “Family Devotions In Real Life”

After you’ve read it, here are a few comments:

1. There is nothing like the Word of God in the home.

It challenges. It reminds us that entertainment, rest, school work, and the calendar are not our gods.  It reminds us that God is God and we have a need for Him.

2. But, it’s hard.

This article does a great job of admitting what we’ve learned in our family: intentions are great. Doing devotions together? Well, that’s quite another thing. Yes, interference will come from every angle possible. Satan doesn’t like the fact that you want God’s Word in your home and he will fight against it.

3. Start simple and celebrate success.

Even if you commit to having a basic conversation of some kind – what the lesson was at church, what happened at school, or why they like a certain song. It is very easy to find out who to pray for, what’s being learned, how everyone processes things, etc.

If you start a diet and try to lose 40 pounds in the first month, what is the likely result? If you say we’re going to do 30 minutes a day of family devotions, this article is wise enough to tell you that you’re probably going to fail.

Start simple!

Think. What benefits would some sort of family devotion have for your home?

Act. Have a conversation, get everyone on board, and give it a shot!