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Yesterday it was time for the top five articles linked from my blog in 2014.

Now, a brief journey down memory lane to the (in order) top five articles I wrote this year.

1. Responding to the Ernest Angley scandal.

This story spurred a lot of talk in NE Ohio. As it broke I fired off a few thoughts. By far this was the most read article I wrote this year.

2. When a creationist debates an evolutionist, it matters what we think.

Ramping up to the big Ken Ham vs. Bill Nye debate last February, I put together a few thoughts about approaching the debate.

3. Think and Act 5.22.14 – Lessons Learned from Being Punched in the Face

Yes, I was punched in the face. Yes, I learned. These were my reflections.

4. Our daughter’s five day hospital stay.

In August our daughter’s health gave us quite the scare. We learned a lot during that time. It’s always good to reflect back on how difficult situations can change us for the better.

5. Why Project Shine 2014 was life altering.

Project Shine is an amazing week of ministry every year in our local community. You can read more here: This year’s project week was particularly life changing. The rest of the year has kept pace as well. God is real!

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