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2014 Blog Giveaway Rules and Entry Instructions

My wife Julie and I are excited for another blog giveaway. Last year we encountered a lot of unexpected expense November, so we weren’t able to do a giveaway. This year we are excited to announce a prize everyone can use:

$400 Holiday Cash

We can’t be the only ones who need to budget throughout the year to have extra money around for the holidays. For us it’s not just gifts. It’s travel, missed work for Julie, and some kingdom building ventures we like to support at this time of year. So, our heart is to budget throughout the year to do a giveaway to help with whatever comes up on your schedules during November and December.

How Do I Enter?

You enter by taking the following quiz and sending your completed quiz via email to:

Entries must be received by 11:59 p.m. Sunday, November 16. All questions must be answered correctly or completed (some are opinion based). Your entry will be confirmed upon receipt. If you send an entry with an incorrect answer, I’ll let you know.

Drawing and Odds

Everyone will have one chance out of the total number of entries received. Believe it or not, historically I don’t get that many entries – never more than 20 for any given year. So, your odds should be pretty good. You just have to do a little work to enter! Winner will be notified by 12:00 noon Monday, November 17.

Here’s the Quiz:

1. According to an article posted by AIG on the 7.28.14 Monday Challenge, what doesn’t God believe in?

2. In the 6.23.14 posting of Monday Challenge, I posted an article with 12 questions you should ask before watching “Game of Thrones.” Which question did you find most challenging and why?

3. On 5.12.14, I linked to an article about getting teens away from screens. List the two most effective ways in your opinion.

4. From Tuesday Rambling 9.16.14, how did I say I view politics?

5. From Tuesday Rambling 9.9.14, I’d tell the Browns this:

  • When you want to change, then follow through and ____________   _________________.

6. What was my most effective April Fool’s joke? (you can search this one on your own)

7. What was my 3rd point in the “Think and Act” article responding to the Ernest Angley scandal?

8. At the beginning of school, I wrote in an article the following sentiment regarding our kids’ effort: Their best will always ____   ____________________.

9. From an April “Think and Act” article, what are three things failure can teach kids?

10. Name one thing you learned from the 11.7.14 Friday Feature.

11. Friday’s feature from 8.1.14 talked about our phones changing us. Which of the six ways from the feature article challenged you most? Are there any specific ways you try to avoid becoming like your phone?

12. Most marriages last ________________ (6.13.14 Friday Feature)

13. How does this blog help you the most? List two things.

14. What ways do you think I could make meaningful changes to make the blog better?


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