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End of year 2013 – Most Popular TDA Articles

Here are the four most popular posts on the Thought Driven Action blog in 2013.

4. I popped off an article about hating my smartphone. It was the fourth most popular article on my blog in 2013. I have since switched what I’m doing with my cell phone use, and will blog about it in the beginning of 2014.

3. I actually said something positive about Michigan.  I doubt I have too many readers with Michigan ties. I suspect this was popular because it was near the #1 article below. But, it’s still a great thing Michigan did!

2. I had a short letter posted in the Akron Beacon Journal in 2013. This post summarized the paper’s opinion and my response.

1. The recent Duck Dynasty controversy generated a lot of traffic on the internet. I guess my blog was no different. This was by far my most popular post from the past year.


End of Year 2013 – Most Popular Internet Articles

Here are the top four articles clicked by readers of my blog in 2013.

4. This article summarizing a woman’s four basic needs came in fourth.  This article from Marriage Missions is a challenge and should be read by all married couples.

3. This great “Survey on Talk” from Paul Tripp challenges us with what we say. What do our words really accomplish? Are we really willing to think about it? I hope so.

2. This was my article of the year, but readers thought otherwise. These 10 love challenges from David Murray are a great way to think about what you’re doing in 2014. What if you tried to complete each of these challenges every month? Or, every other month?

1. Are you free not to drink? Patrick Schreiner wrote the post most clicked by the readers of Thought Driven Action.  It’s a great post about how believers should exercise their freedom when it comes to the use of alcohol.

End of Year Blog Update

Here’s a quick update. I will post a handful of articles between now and the end of the year.  The regular “Monday Challenge” and “Friday Feature” posts will resume on January 6.

In between, here’s what you can expect. The “end of year” posts will feature articles (either mine or others) that were popular throughout 2013.

It is a great time of the year to think back about what was meaningful, and to set some goals for the year ahead. It is my sincere hope and prayer that this time of year will be spent with family and encouraging anyone you can.

If you have less time for my blog and for internet trolling in general, then great! That would mean you’re busy interacting with others which I heartily encourage.

Monday Challenge 12.23.13 – Why People Don’t Change and 10 Regrets

Almost Christmas, but definitely Monday. Time for a challenge. Enjoy the articles!

Link of the Week

Here are some great thoughts on why people don’t change.

Question: If you work with people, how do you deal with your frustrations?

The Christian Faith

1. Grace. We all need it – more and more. Here’s a very practical article about it.

Question: Is one-way love difficult for you to deal with?

2. Good thoughts here: 9 reasons to pray.

Question: Which one stood out the most?

3. The Duck Dynasty things are going to be a part of our culture. Even if you don’t like them, you should know how to talk about them. Here is a good summary of thoughts.

Question: What attitude do you have toward those with whom you disagree?

10 regrets.

Here’s a quick list of 10 things you’ll regret. At the very least, this made me think. Thought I’d share.

Question: Do you have regrets? If so, are they healthy or unhealthy?

Think and Act 12.20.13 – Two Questions About Duck Dynasty

I have never watched an episode of Duck Dynasty, so I’m not interested in the show itself. I’m interested in how Christians respond to cultural events. There are lots of responses to this fiasco on the internet. Maybe I don’t have anything to add. If nothing else, I encourage you to do some reading if you don’t like or don’t agree with what’s here.

Here are two questions that are standing out to me:

1. Do we realize this is about our entertainment?

Phil Robertson is a T.V. show character. He is on a show that is making his family and A&E rich. Do we realize this is about A&E’s pocketbook more than it is about Phil’s right to say what he wants to say? A&E has strong alliances with LGBT supporters, and needless to say Phil’s recent comments went over with them like a pregnant pole vaulter.

So A&E did what it had to do. If the show ends, I’m sure another network will pick it up. It’s about money. Sounds like a great show with great values, but money speaks louder than that. Ultimately, Christians are riled up because of an entertainment figure and his right to say what he wants to say. Seems to me we should be just as riled up about injustices throughout the world such as persecution, modern day slavery, poverty, etc.

This leads me to my second question:

2. Why aren’t we consistently loud about Jesus?

We Christians are finicky.  The one thing we’re told to rally around is something the thing we have to be encouraged the most to do. That’s Jesus. That’s honoring His command to make disciples. We’d rather be galvanized by the recent scandal, what this mega-church is teaching, people taking Christ out of Christmas, or a character like Phil Robertson. Each of these things might have their importance, but in a lot of ways aren’t they just distractions?

We should be this unified around our Savior, who was born into this world, proclaimed the coming of the Kingdom of God through miracles, signs, and wonders, and pointed people to repentance of sin and faith in Him. He died on a cross, was buried in a tomb, and rose from the dead. These truths should never bore us or fail us. They are sufficient for constant, passionate, fulfilling, persevering service to Jesus, the ultimate servant.

Why does it take a public thing to make us loud about the Bible? Shouldn’t we be loud about Jesus all the time if we’re really this passionate about following Him? Would we rather the LGBT supporters of A&E be crushed politically and allow the show to return to the air? Or, would we rather they repent in genuine faith and surrender their lives in service to Jesus, flooding the meetings of our churches and stepping on the edges of our comfort zones?

I hope the Duck Dynasty show stays on the air and I hope this move backfires on A&E. I also hope believers not prepared to truly trust Christ in discussions about this would consider shutting their mouths and praying before sounding like the unloving jerks the media loves to say we are. In the meantime . . .

Think. If you’re upset about this, why?

Act. Are you prepared to be loving in the way you are supporting this T.V. show? I hope so.