Challenging believers in Jesus to think and act based on Bible truth.

Tuesday Rambling 7.30.13

It’s Tuesday. Time to ramble!


  • I am super excited for our discipleship focus tonight at Goss!
  • I am waking up more and more with a sense of excitement for how God might use me that day./li>
  • This is the day that The Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it!


  • I heard an expression I really liked recently. If there is a small chance of something happening, you could say it would be like winning the Indianapolis 500 in a minivan.
  • Being gone for basically 2 days to Philly to be a part of a short term missions work team was very much worth it.


  • Our vacation trip to the beach was a wonderful week. Good rest, great family time.
  • I really enjoy being a part of helping our kids’ learning process. Helping David learn to ride a boogie board at the beach was a really blessing.


  • I got to visit two churches on vacation – one with the family, one alone. It was great to see the way people do things in their worship expressions. I even got caught up in a business meeting at one church!


  • The baseball trade deadline is tomorrow. It’s an exciting time for the sport.
  • Watched a lot of ESPN on vacation. I really don’t miss it. If you don’t have cable, having it on vacation is definitely nice though!

Monday Challenge 7.29.13

Another Monday. Vacation is over for me, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be slacking on the links. Enjoy the articles, think through the challenges, then be ready for Friday’s post revealing which article was clicked the most.

Link of the Week

Every Christian should memorize these ten things about the New Testament.

For your thought: What basic talking points would you have if someone engaged you in debate about the authenticity and reliability of the New Testament?

The Christian Faith

1. A focus on virginity can ask all the wrong questions.

Question: How powerful was the reminder at the end of this article for you?

2. I preached about church leadership yesterday. Here are some reasons church leaders give up on prayer.

Question: Leader or not, what challenged you most on this list?

3. Speaking of the behavior of Christians, here is an article about drinking. Are you free not to drink?

Question: Do you emphasize your freedom in area (drinking or otherwise) in a way that you forget you are free NOT to do it?

4. How to deal with dramatic girls. Great article.

Even if you’re not dramatic, or a girl: When we are being dramatic, are we reminded of our need for a Savior, or are we really trying to just attract attention to ourselves? (Yes, yours truly can be guilty of this.)


I’ll file this under personality. Do you ask for what you want?

Question: Is it difficult to tell someone you didn’t get what you paid for?



Friday Feature 7.26.13 – Four Goals For Parenting

This week’s most clicked link includes a very relevant topic:

Four goals for parenting.

A couple ways I was challenged by this:

1. “Make grace shine” sounds very difficult, especially in the younger years.

The younger the child, the more strict the discipline will be (necessarily so). But, finding ways to make grace shine is important. How about a little reprieve from consequence from time to time, to help them understand grace better.

Imagine your children reacting to a statement like this: you know what, daddy told you no more Wii the rest of the day because you were being disobedient, but because I want you to understand God’s grace, let’s play a 15 minute game.

2. Intentionality.

I’ve not heard of too many legacies (especially positive ones) that randomly happened. It takes intentionality to show children how to live godly lives. This is where the “advice” section of the article is helpful. If we intentionally seek and take advice from good sources, we are more likely to leave a godly legacy. Parents who think they know everything cheat themselves out of valuable resources God intends for us to have.

Parents: what will change in your lives because you’ve been challenged by this article?

Think and Act 7.24.13 – Financial Sacrifice – Needs Vs. Wants

As a believer using money, sacrifice is a huge concept. It takes sacrifice to worship God through giving, and it takes sacrifice to know and provide for needs before wants.

Now, a few words about the things we want. Two main concepts:

1. Wants are not wrong.

It is simply not wrong to want an ice cream cone, a special meal, a trip, an outfit, car, or anything else. The trouble comes when we put these things above Jesus in our affections.

Do you daydream about wants? Does a hunger for a new device or seeing a new movie distract you from God’s Word, or living out your purpose as a Christian? If so, you are in the wrong territory with your wants.

Otherwise, if you have ordered your priorities to honor God in your giving and provide and maintain the things you (and your family) need, then by all means enjoy something you want from time to time. And, be sure to praise God for it!

2. Wants should not become idols.

The Bible clearly shows that idols will NEVER satisfy us. In fact, they will leave us empty and we will become like them.

I struggle with sports. I love baseball especially. I want my team to win a championship! I stay up on my team and follow their games each day.

When my affections are stirred more by a come from behind win than the salvation of someone I’m praying for, I am worshiping an idol. When I spend more time and money on baseball than investing in God’s work, I am in danger of believing that baseball can satisfy me more than Jesus.

Anything that satisfies us more than Jesus is our idol. When wants become idols, our soul is in danger of hardening to the things of God.

Think: What wants have you inadvertently worshiped?

Act: What bold steps can you take to diminish the light they bring to your life, leaving Christ as the brighter light?

Tuesday Rambling 7.23.13

Scattered thoughts, loosely organized.


  • If you’re a conservative Christian and conservative voter, which provides the greater thrill: salvation of souls, or Hobby Lobby’s win against the mandate?
  • Does making disciples enter your day to day life? If so, what intentional steps do you take to encourage others to come to Christ or grow in Him?
  • Is spiritual growth a difficult thing for you to get excited about? Remember the joy of your salvation in Christ, the fruit of His work in your life.


  • I heard KFC is dropping the colonel from its advertising and branding.  Sounds goofy to me.  KFC without the old guy’s picture would be like Wendy’s without Wendy.
  • I put in a LOT of work on some regular maintenance on my van last week and saved $90 off a quoted price.  I know, I could have saved more if I did it myself, but I don’t have the time for that!


  • This summer is going by at a decent pace.  It’s been very enjoyable on a number of levels.
  • How often do you pray for your children? I’m sure I mention this from time to time here, but I just can’t express the trust I feel when I ask God over and over again to make the most of their lives. Really, it isn’t about me.


  • I will remember VBS 2013 for a long time.  I was really, really proud of our church and its willingness to reach out to some amazing kids and their families during the week of VBS.


  • I am preparing for October baseball – without the Yankees.  It’s going to take a huge turnaround, and I just don’t see that happening.
  • Ohio State kicking someone off their football team because of involvement with legal trouble? Tressel never did that. Did he?