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Friday Link Highlight 8.31.12 – A Good Take on Waiting in Line

This week’s most clicked link?

A good take on waiting in line.

Some thoughts:

1. Perception is everything.

The same wait time was perceived differently by airport guests.  It does say something for people thinking through how folks experience the same event.  I wonder out loud what other areas of life would benefit from this kind of thinking.

2. I would dislike standing around.

It’s easy for me to feel idle when I’m standing doing nothing.  Walking to a luggage carousel at least feels like doing something, even though the overall wait time would be the same.  I’d rather take the same time driving around a traffic backup as I would waiting in it.

3. Uncertainty in waiting?

Well, one day I’ll give a big lecture about uncertainty in waiting and how I give that emphasis of this article a big thumbs up!

On My Mind #38: God Is Not Like Us

Tonight we wrapped up some thoughts about Ezekiel chapter one. It’s a fascinating and mind-stretching portion of Scripture. I love being challenged to think about God in this way.

It made me think of this: one of the best ways to explain God is to start with the fact we can’t figure Him out. Admitting this is the pathway to growth.

1. The is no description of God in Scripture humans can fully grasp. In fact, when we see humans interacting intimately with God, it humbles them immensely.

2. A relationship with God through Christ is totally free (He paid the price), but comes with great cost. Can we really figure that out?

3. A God that is so powerful and majestic is near and personal at the same time.

Wrestle with these things. Worship God, both for what you know … and for what you don’t.

Monday Links and Bullets 8.27.12

Here are some good reads, and a few of my own thoughts below.  As usual!  It’s why I call it links and bullets!



–Here is what Congressman Akin SHOULD have said.  This is a thorough defense of what it means to be pro-life and worth the read.


–I referenced this article in yesterday’s sermon.  I hope this challenges all Christians.

–Why the greatest suffering is better than the smallest sin.  Hmmmmm…

–PARENTS: Gratefulness can help fight against teen depression.  AND . . . how to encourage a good work ethic in your kids.

–ANGER: How righteous anger should look (and how it shouldn’t).


Here’s a great article about waiting in line.  Really, this is a fascinating read.

Wouldn’t you rather the guys at the end of the entrance ramps do this?


  • Are you afraid of evangelism?  Why? Be bold, God will empower you.
  • I am praying today for lots of people I know are struggling.
  • Financial tip of the day (random, I know): Treat $10 like it’s a lot of money, no matter how much you make.
  • It has been a year of waiting, and the waiting only continues!
  • Tonight is open house for the kids at school.  Fourth grade and first grade respectively start on Wednesday!
  • What a trade over the weekend in baseball.  Long term winners: Boston.  Short term winners: L.A.  The Dodgers are going to despise those contracts in a few years or maybe they just don’t care about how much they’re spending.
  • Say what you want about this presidential election, but the two ideologies are very far apart.
  • Are you pro-life? To what extent do you believe in the rights of the unborn?
  • Really enjoyed having some time to spend with David at the Yankees-Indians game last Friday night.  Go Yankees!
  • Does your view of making disciples mainly revolve around someone else doing it? Or being paid to do it? How can YOU make a disciple and help point people to Christ?

Friday Link Highlight 8.24.12 – revealing Pat Robertson’s error

The link was clicked most from my Monday post.  As well it should have been.  It’s one of the best articles I’ve read all year:

As usual, a few comments of my own:

1. I am against prosperity (only) theology.

I believe God prospers His people.  I believe people need to be encouraged.  But our greatest blessing and prosperity is going to come when we lay down our lives in service of Jesus the King, who laid down His life in service of God for sinners.  Prosperity theology leads you to believe everything must be good when you’re a believer.  Robertson’s comments are a result of that and Moore did a great job exposing that.

2. Sometimes a bold stand is necessary.

The things Moore wrote were bold.  VERY bold.  And sometimes error needs to be called out – courageously.  Christians grow when there’s sacrifice in their lives for the cause of Christ.  And for those who teach little sacrifice, it’s not the whole gospel.  And for those who teach against the clear teaching of Scripture (as Robertson taught men wouldn’t find this woman attractive because she’s adopted), it should be called out.

3. Know the real Christianity!

In this day and age, the real Christianity CAN be found.  It’s not only people on TV and in politics.  It’s not what the media tells you it is.  It’s pure, it’s from the heart, it’s alive in our community in Kenmore and it’s alive around the world. Embrace the challenge of this article!
Have a great weekend everyone!

Haiti #3: Why it’s important 35 people had NO DRAMA for a week in a foreign country

One of the things that continues to stick out to me regarding our time in Haiti was the team that converged from several different parts of the United States. A few main themes:

1. It is amazing what happens when people aren’t judged.

Seriously, when you are simply accepted for who you are and don’t have the baggage of people judging you, your ability to serve the Lord is much greater. There is freedom in that. Imagine what life would be like if we all could serve and minister every time without the slightest thought of what others were thinking of us. That’s truly what this trip was like. WOW!

2. Over 20 women and one bathroom. And no arguments!

This meant a lot of early mornings and late nights rotating around the shower schedule. I really don’t mean any jokes by this comment, but it truly is incredible that not one argument surfaced considering the amount of time, the cramped quarters, and all the other dynamics of being in a foreign country.

3. The body of Christ is truly a supernatural thing.

You can’t explain the absence of drama in any other way. It’s answered prayer. It’s God moving through His people. It’s God protecting His church and allowing a group to thrive on a short term trip. Complete strangers (not to mention some from the Akron/Cleveland area and some from the Pittsburgh area) getting along and thriving on a common mission for the week, and God blessing us through it all? To me, it’s more than humans can do by themselves.