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Monday bullet thoughts 1.30.11

No links today.  I’ll be back next week with some great articles to share.  For today, here are some things running through my head.  I hope these challenge you:

  • Do I read the Scrpicture for what I want it to say or what It will command me to do?
  • Do I really trust God when I am afraid?
  • Is my fear of God healthy enough or do I take Him too lightly?
  • Is Jesus just along with me on my journey? Or, is He the one I follow on the journey?
  • I am convinced that God is real and active.  No, I REALLY mean it. This is not some trite statement.
  • I heard this weekend that comfort is one of the biggest hindrances to living out bold Christian faith.  I couldn’t’t agree more.  It would be easier to be a Christian if we had less stuff that distracted us.
  • I am praying for a number of situations.  I am finding more and more joy in releasing burdens to God through prayer. He can handle things much better than I can!
  • How do we balance putting God first in our family?
  • The fruit of the Spirit in the Bible is singular, not plural.  We should be growing in ALL of them!

Have a great Monday everyone!

On My Mind #17 – what do we REALLY believe about God?

On my mind tonight – what we really believe about God. If you are an unbeliever and truly seeking to know more or get questions answered, please contact me via Facebook or email and I’ll be glad to help. Ask yourself why you don’t believe and make a list of some questions and we can go from there.

But mostly I want to ask this question to believers.

Why? You may say in your heart you believe and that’s great. I want to ask you what you really believe. See, what I’m after is this: do you think God is powerful or is your view of God shrinking?

Usually when we first believe God is awesome. Jesus is real, His cross is amazing, and forgiveness works new hope in us. But then as time goes on He seems to shrink to a size that fits our mental capacity. For example, we may SAY we believe God can heal, but do we really believe it? We may SAY God can save souls, but do we REALLY believe it?

Do we pray like it? Share like it? Live like it? We can’t live wimpy Christian lives and say we worship a mighty God! It just doesn’t compute.

So my encouragement is to ask God to reveal His mighty power to you. And believe He will actually do it. I have been struggling with this recently and God is helping me worship Him better by expanding my view of who I think He is.

He CAN heal the tumor. He CAN change the heart of the really hardened person I know. He can do amazing things. Theologically I can’t back Him into a corner where He HAS to, but I have to start believing He can. And that, friends, is changing quickly!

Monday Links and Bullets 1.23.12

Happy Monday. Good reading and some various thoughts. I hope you enjoy, get challenged, and love God more!



–Yesterday was “Sanctity of Life” Sunday. A friend posted that it’s a shame we should even have to have such a thing. I agree. Here is a link that shows eight ways we can live under a pro-choice president as Christians. Leave it to the Desiring God people to give us something good and redeeming to think about.


–How to have tough conversations with your child.

–Take two minutes and meditate on this quote.

–A big Supreme Court win for religious freedom.

–Here’s a great list of resources for healthy sexual relationships in marriage. Even if you’re single read through some of this – it will help.


–This article has some excellent insight on why cars don’t appeal to young people as much anymore.

–Here’s a quick glimpse from the other side of the globe: apps in India.

Top apps by age.


  • I’ve got a fairly busy day for my day “off”, so last night I was kind of worried I wouldn’t have the time to relax. Well, I woke up at 3:30 this morning and have had such a wonderful time feeding my mind and soul with sermons, reading, listening, etc. that I won’t have to miss that part of my Monday routine. Praise God for re-directing my thoughts to Him.
  • Today is definitely a big day.
  • Last week was a week of focused prayer for the community of Kenmore, where we live. I am usually not one to judge things by emotion or how things felt (unless of course it’s a rock concert). This week was truly an amazing experience. The little prayer room at First Glance had a tangible presence of the Holy Spirit. It was outstanding to know that all week someone was praying for this community. I believe more now than I ever have that God is going to do great things to glorify Himself!
  • I have been meditating a lot about the the holiness of God. I’ve been reading and listening to lots of good stuff – it’s really been encouraging. Take some time to think about how amazing it is that God is perfect, and that there really isn’t a word that can describe how perfect and holy He is.
  • Couple of good football games yesterday, ey? Too bad errors defined the outcomes of both of them. I’d rather have the play that WAS made be the defining moment of the game rather than the play that wasn’t.

Friday Link Highlight 1.20.12 – Some Great Things to Help Think About Tebow

Friday is here again.  Here is this week’s most clicked link:

The article contains five positives about Tebow’s prominence and five things that might give us pause.  Here are a few thoughts:

1. If every Christian could be so genuine.

Seems everyone believes Tebow is one of the most genuine people they’ve ever met.  How refreshing.  What if we could all be this way?  What if few people ever guessed the motives of us as Christians?

2. Conversation is good.

It doesn’t matter what the issue is, whenever something or someone Christian is in the news, it gives us a chance as Christians to share the truth.  There’s no work that has to go into starting a conversation.  One is already there.

3. The downside to the public figure.

There definitely is downside to relying on these public figures as the center of our faith.  If there always has to be a story for our faith to be exciting, then how exciting is our faith when there’s no story?  Bottom line is perseverance is one of the fruits of the spirit.  Our faith should persist and grow each and every day – through dull, flashy, tough, challenging, success, and everything in between.  So, use Tebow to talk about what Christianity means to you, but don’t rely on the public figure for faith in Jesus Christ to thrill you.  Jesus is enough all the time!

Have a great Friday everyone.

On My Mind #16 – What Do You Believe About Prayer?

I am unsure what you might believe about prayer.  I’m hoping to help you expand your view of God.

Most Christians, unfortunately, think prayer is mostly for physical health problems.  The average “prayer meeting” has a reputation for being a place where you get depressed by everything that’s wrong with everyone.

While I do believe in praying for health requests, I don’t believe it should be the first or only thing Christians pray regarding.

A few thoughts I hope will help:

1. Prayer in the Bible is MOSTLY for spiritual things.

When we see people pray in the Bible, it is mostly to see God’s power.  It’s for wisdom.  It’s so people will grow in their faith.  It’s for evangelism to be effective.  It’s for God to be glorified.  Since this is only a blog article, I won’t go into depth about statistics, but the overwhelming majority of verses regarding prayer has to do with spiritual concerns.

2. Prayer is about God, not us.

When we pray, we should pray so as to lower ourselves and raise up God.  If you break your foot, pray like this: “Lord, if you won’t heal my foot, help me to learn and grow from this experience and rely on you for the strength to get through these weeks of recovery.”

Prayer shows reliance.  So many times in the Bible people called on God when they weren’t able to handle things themselves.  What an amazing view of prayer we’d have if we called on God and focused on Him.

3. Prayer changes things and teaches us perseverance.

It really does.  I believe God has knowledge of everything, but the Bible also tells us prayer changes things.  BOTH are true.  We can grow in our faith by seeing God answer prayer, so we should keep praying and praise Him when prayers are answered.

How many stories have you heard about someone making a turnaround when prayed for?  Tumors are miraculously gone.  People get radically saved.  All through prayer.  And sometimes, through long periods of prayer.  The best thing to learn about long periods of prayer is that God will not often answer our prayers on our time.  It causes us to trust Him more and more, and reminds us how much we’re NOT in control.

To conclude . . . 

Are you trying to be in control? Do you think you have everything handled?  Is your view of God small?  Begin to study the Bible regarding prayer and your view of God will enlarge.  So will your reliance on Him!