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2012 iPad Giveaway Rules & Quiz

This is very simple.  Answer any 15 of the 20 questions correctly and you will be entered into a drawing to be held next Monday the 12th.  The winner of the drawing will win a third generation refurbished iPad – with full warranty from Apple!  I will pay for shipping if someone from out of the area wins it.

Please e-mail all entries to:  Entries must be received by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, November 11.
Without further ado, here is this year’s quiz.  I have broken it down by month to make it somewhat easier this year!

December 2011:

1. What was number 10 on Eleven for 2011?

January 2012:

2. One of the “links of the week” in January 2012 had to do with sanctity of human life.  Name #4 on the list in the article linked there.

3. Who wrote the article linked in the Friday Link Highlight on 1.13.12?

February 2012:

4. In the bullets on 2.20.12 I made a prediction about a former Yankees pitcher.  Name the pitcher and tell me if I was right (yes you will have to look this up off my site).

5. In “On My Mind #20” name the first two points on this article.

March 2012:

6. How many total blog posts in March 2012?

7. What was the theme of the conference I described in On My Mind #25?

April 2012:

8. In the bullets on 4.23.12 what did I identify as my favorite TV show?

9. On what date was the “Link Highlight” not on its regular day of Friday?

May 2012:

10. What was the 4th thing listed in the article I wrote about kids and electronics?

June 2012:

11. What Monday was the link of the week a video?

July 2012:

12. What Monday was skipped and why? (HINT: read bullets of following week)
13. On what Monday was there a category of bullet thoughts entitled “PENN STATE”?

August 2012

14. A Friday Link Highlight in August shined the light on a specific people group.  Who was that and what did the article challenge people to do?

September 2012

15. What station did an interview with Joel Osteen that I linked to?

16. What element of the parent/child relationship did I write about in an “On My Mind” post?

October 2012

17. What financial statistic was featured in a Friday Link Highlight in October?

* as long as these are answered they will receive full credit

18.  What was your favorite article that I linked to from December 2011 to present and why?
19.  Which “On My Mind” article challenged you the most and why?
20.  What do you most look forward to in reading this blog?

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