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Monday Links and Bullets 6.27.11

Here are some good reads for the week.  Enjoy!


Why you should read about the beheading of Christians (from the DG blog).


False prophet, real trouble.

Here’s a good site for thinking about the faith and apologetics.  Don’t know what those are?  Check it out!

–A Father’s Day article:  children don’t need providers.


Top 5 deathbed regrets. Interesting.

Rehab for everything?  Good article about our mindset.


  • Well, Project Shine was amazing.  It is just so refreshing to see Jesus at work in people’s lives. I hope to have links to videos within the next couple weeks.
  • On a similar note, our service at Goss Sunday was a deep journey into the heart of Christ.  Great and meaningful worship!
  • In the beginning of the message, I challenged our church to focus on the people or types of people that get under their skin, upset them easily, etc.  Someone pointed silently and mouthed the word “you”.  Hilarious!  It was hard not to laugh.
  • Praying hard for several folks, just begging God to move in their lives.
  • “He will have no fear of bad news; his heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord.  His heart is secure, he will have no fear; in the end he will look in triumph on his foes.”  – Psalm 112:7-8
  • So my marathon schedule got all jacked up.  I was going to try to run a race in Columbus in October to try to qualify for Boston in my new age group.  Then I found out you have register in September for next year’s race, and the qualifying times get 5 minutes faster for the 2013 race.  Guess I’ll be trying to find a race in August I can run!
  • We are still praying for wisdom and direction with our foster daughter.  She is the bomb.  We’ve had her now for almost eight months.
  • After last week, I will never think of Psalm 23 the same.
  • Hope everyone has a great week!

Friday Link Highlight 6.17.11

It’s Friday, and here is this week’s most clicked link:

Concubines? Really?  Yes.  If you don’t know much about the word, the article will make a good connection between what went on in ancient times and what goes on now.  A few comments about sex.

Casual – Sex means nothing to a lot of people.  This is sad, considering how beautiful sex really can be when there is the trust and security of a solid marriage context.

Uncommitted – I loved the part of this that talks about the public nature of marriage.  Marriage is the proclamation of commitment, the celebration of an intentional decision that two people will spend the rest of their lives together.

Damage – It does damage to people to be used sexually.  There is good reason that Paul says all other sins are outside a body, but sexual sin is sin against the body.  It’s damaging.  Sexual sin takes away something that can’t be gained back.  The Lord Jesus is mighty to save and forgive, but consequences can’t be undone.

All this to say:  Married folks spend time and energy to keep your marriages alive and loving.  Single folks look for that person who will commit to you – for the rest of your life.

Have a great Friday!


Monday Links and Bullets 6.13.11

Good links today to get us started . . .


–I promise I don’t believe people need to be depressed all the time.  But I do believe people need to know what’s going on.  There are some graphic descriptions in here about what’s going on in the Sudan, beware, but it is coming from a trusted ministry source.


Good reading about Biblical archaeology.

All sins are not equal.

–A very simple read on the problem of evil.

–A must read on world missions.  VERY GOOD.

–A new way to think about uncommitted sexuality – modern day concubines?


Oh such good advice about money!

–Excellent article about college grads – different world than even a few years ago!

Sales tax for Amazon?


  • Of course I’m thrilled Miami lost.  I honestly believe “The Big Three” thought they were entitled to a championship.  Certainly the NBA season was a commentary on the backlash that arrogance can bring.
  • I really do believe it is a huge thrill to love your neighbor as yourself.
  • Wake up, wake up, and kill the machine.
  • Our foster daughter rolled all the way across the floor this morning.  That was fun to watch!
  • Project Shine is next week.  Next Monday we will be on worksites serving people in Kenmore and sharing Christ with them!
  • It is no TV week at our house (for the kids).  Julie and I probably won’t watch much either – I didn’t even watch the game last night.  Should be a fun week!
  • Excited about things happening in our community!
  • Top prayer requests on my heart 1) for salvation for people 2) for those struggling and hurting 3) for those needing work that opportunity would come

Friday Link Highlight 6.10.11

Here is an article worth your read, one of the most clicked this week from my Monday post:

I’m not a Christian but I’m coming to your church Sunday.

This article made me think about several things:

1.  Have we really lost the perspective of what it’s like to be new to a church?  If so, I encourage you to intentionally go somewhere where you’ll be uncomfortable.

2.  Christian language.  I’m sure as a pastor I use a lot of it.  This article challenged me to think more about how I communicate and what I think hearers are actually understanding.

3.  Love.  Do we love people who are not Christians?  Do we really WANT them to be a part of our churches in the first place?

I’d be curious to hear any feedback of how this article made you think.

Have a great Friday everyone!

Monday Links and Bullets 6.6.11

Happy Monday everyone.  Here goes with this week’s links:


I’m not a Christian, but I’m coming to your church on Sunday.  This is a good article about how people think about our churches.

MARRIAGE – excellent resource alert!

–Excellent questions for wives to ask husbands, and good ones for husbands to ask wives.


How to glorify God at work.

Life isn’t fair.  Really good.

–Does God have a special eye for America?

7 thoughts on time management.


Please read about this and be grateful for what we have.  Yes, it’s tragic, and it’s wrong to bury our heads in the sand and ignore it.

–No joke – dude (illegally) sold his kidney for an iPad.

–I’m not ashamed to admit I clicked on this.  It’s Oprah’s top 10 moments.


  • What a great Monday morning.  Up around 5:00, got some cleaning done, listened to some good music and a message, and got to play with our foster daughter, who was an early bird and up around 7:00.  Don’t know about you, but my days feel pretty full when I accomplish a lot early.
  • Gonna go swing a bat this afternoon at the cages.  I’ve been trying to play softball with a finger not 100%.  That means there’s been a big stench near homeplate following most of my at bats.  I hope to make some more solid contact tonight.
  • I really like the band Red.  Probably no secret to anyone who reads this or who knows me.  Here is a link to their new music video. They are a voice for light in the dark things of the world.  Even if you don’t like the music (this is one of the harder songs they do), turn it down and try to follow the message of what’s happening.  The end of this is really sweet and pretty unashamed in my opinion.
  • It is a joy to think about the return of Jesus Christ to this earth!
  • Great joy this past weekend for friends (former students) who got married.   Congrats to Todd and Desirae, and Ben and McKenzie!  Congrats to all extended family – I truly am joyful for each of you!
  • Excited for this training season.  Here’s what cruel about marathon training, especially when you have a goal.  This summer I will run a lot of miles and put my body through a lot trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon.  I’ll run a race in October and there are only two options, and one day.  Either I succeed or I fail.  There is no second chance.  Cruel reality, but good for a guy who enjoys the extremes!
  • If you read something in the Bible you don’t agree with, don’t like, or don’t understand, pray and ask God to show you the reality of what it means rather than trying to decide if you like it.