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Friday Link Highlight 4.29.11

Almost didn’t get this done Friday.  Here is this week’s link of interest:

Think, for a moment, what things would be like if 500 people were slaughtered mercilessly in the United States in this kind of violence.  The media coverage would go on for weeks and weeks and months and months.

Why, then, do we not place similar value when this sort of violence strikes in Africa?  Because we expect that from there?

The issues are real simple – it’s about religion.  A Christian won the election, and the Muslims didn’t like it.  Flip a switch and 500 people are slaughtered.

Ask yourself as you consider this article: is what the U.S. media tells you is news really the news?  Is it worth some effort to find out what else is going on in the world?

Pray for those affected by this hatred.

Monday Links and Bullets 4.25.11

Interesting cross section of links this week.  Here you go.


–If only churches were full of traders.  Please watch this short video.


–A brief story here about the church in China.

–Here’s an interesting site for those new to Christianity, or considering.

Jesus was never too busy.

–Things Jesus didn’t model for us.


–A $5000 cab fare?

–There would be months long coverage if this happened here.  Bet you never heard of it.

–Spain has a conservative movement.


  • I can’t stand the kids’ Easter Candy.  Do you think when Jesus rose from the dead He knew one of the implications would be that parents would have to manage their children’s chocolate consumption? Dumb.
  • Is Jesus exciting to you now that Easter is over?
  • One of my friends was on the front page of the Beacon Journal yesterday.  Awesome article!
  • Could you sit with the people closest to you and have them tell you things they thought you could improve?
  • If you attend a church: how much time do you help support your church when you’re not physically at the church building?
See you Friday everyone.  Have a great week.

Resurrection Sunday Evening Thoughts

A few things on my mind tonight:

  • I love Jesus more and more all the time.  I’m glad He forgives me and loves me and shows me His mighty power.  I hope I never get tired of it or forget what He’s done to change my life.
  • The resurrection of Jesus Christ means that I will get to see my dad in heaven because we’re both believers.  I miss him, and the truth of the resurrection is sweet healing to the wound left by losing him.
  • I am super thrilled for a church in Seattle that hosted an Easter celebration at Qwest field (where the NFL’s Seahawks play) and had 17,500 people in attendance, while baptizing about 700 – in the rain!  What a party for Jesus that must have been.
  • I was challenged in our later service today that today is really a party to celebrate Jesus.  In a good and balanced way, I hope that is true.
  • I hope the truth of the resurrection inspires us.
  • I am jealous of a young woman in our congregation who spent Easter morning on the great wall of China loving orphans.
  • The fact that Jesus will reign forever means that one day I will understand what we’re doing with foster care.
  • I praise God for my health.  I have just come through a very thoroughly exciting week of a lot of extra activity and I feel no more tired than I do on a normal Sunday evening.
  • I am praying for folks from our congregation who responded in various ways asking for prayer at the end of our message today.  I’m also praying for needs that may not have been expressed.
  • Probably my deepest prayer is that we will see miraculous salvation of individuals not necessarily physically at our church (although Praise Jesus if that happens), but certainly through our church’s ministries and people.  Be bold to share – really after all Christ went through, isn’t it the least we can do?
  • Do we fear rejection? Christ didn’t . . .
Have a great evening.  Jesus is Lord every single day, and doesn’t need our Easter celebrations to be active.  I hope and pray that He will be powerful and glorious in your life each day and empower you to do great things for Him!
In Christ,

Friday Link Highlight 4.22.11

Here is this week’s most clicked link:

A few comments to get you thinking:


I relate most to this story because I can become so quickly self centered when things don’t go exactly like I think they will.  Ever gotten irritated waiting at a restaurant?  Ever gotten short with someone?  Well if you haven’t, pray for those of us who have

Seeing the World

When we are being self-centered, it is difficult to see the needs of the world around us.  When we’re absorbed in what smart comment we can make, we can totally miss opportunities like this to understand what someone else has been through and perhaps show them some compassion.

Who doesn’t get grace?

I loved the list of people at the end who typically don’t get any grace.  It can be very thankless doing almost any job, but these highlight people who are always on the hotseat.  People who really take way more complaining than they get a word of thanks.  I’ve been guilty of this myself.  So who in your life needs grace?  Will you remember that the next time you see one of these folks?  Or maybe, even more personally, there is someone down the street who needs grace from you.  And more importantly, grace from Jesus.

But, we’d never know it if we’re too absorbed in ourselves.

Have a good Good Friday.  Jesus died – for you and for me.  Praise Him!

Monday Links and Bullets 4.18.11

I surf.  You get things to read.  Enjoy!  Here are THIS WEEK’S LINKS:


–A balanced  response for what to do when Christians sin.

OTHER LINKS (sorry not too many this week)

–This type of article is why I read this guy’s blog.

–Christianity should be lived in community.  Man this was a good read.

–From across the pond:  The U.S. is still divided 150 years after the Civil War.  Interesting to see the BBC’s take.

–An unbelievable position for the Chinese government to take.

What sin desires.

I’ll be by on Friday with some comments on the highest clicked link of the week.


  • Working to rectify a tax situation with the City of Akron.  Praying we don’t get stung on this!
  • If you were in the original Palm Sunday crowd, what would your perspective have been on who Jesus was?
  • Why is it so cold still in April?
  • Looks like the Red Sox are finally starting to play some baseball.  Kinda like the start of the Heat’s season – fun while it lasted, but they will definitely be good.
  • The Indians are a nice surprise, ey?
  • Is Jesus enough to stir us, collectively, or do we need add-ons?  Is the Gospel enough to satisfy our desires?
  • The finger healing is still making progress.  Week by week.  Exciting.
  • Pain management in the final stages of training for a race is no fun.  I’m hoping the body will shape up nicely for the race coming up in less than three weeks.  Perhaps as the mileage decreases the body will heal.