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15 Years Ago Today


Hard to believe, but fifteen years ago today I began as the Youth Director at Goss Memorial Church.

Wow. Fifteen years have flown. And, much has changed along both personal and ministry lines.

I just wanted to mark the day with a few thoughts. How about five:

1. Jesus is my greatest passion.

I worked for ten years in youth ministry and I’m nearly done with my fifth year of serving as a senior pastor. My family, teens, First Glance, Project Shine, the people of Goss Memorial, all are part of my passion – but Jesus is my greatest.

Watching Jesus change lives wins anytime I think to put a list like this together. May this never change.

2. Ministry requires great faith.

Many times I have asked myself what will happen next. Unknown, doubt, and fear call all dominate seasons of life and ministry. Only by daily faith have the past fifteen years happened.

Greater than any formal or public philosophy, program, or strategy, faith that God will lead will always hold its place at the foundation of ministry.

I want to grow in my faith and help others do the same. Faith bolsters ministry in ways that minimize other factors.

3. Called.

I have no doubt that God has called our family (a huge shout out to my bride Julie and our three awesome kids!) to minister in Kenmore during these years. In some sense ministry is a profession and I’m sure I could have had effectiveness in another place or position.

But to view ministry solely as a profession would weaken the call God has affirmed and reaffirmed so many times throughout these years. It’s an exciting, reassuring, and supernatural experience when God works and directs your life and ministry in one place.

4. It’s about teamwork.

Anyone who lives, works, or ministers in Kenmore knows that individual leaders have importance, but the team will always outshine them. I am who I am today due in large part to the leadership at Goss Memorial and the collective influence of the body of Christ in both Kenmore and the greater Akron area.

5. I love Goss Memorial Church.

I really do love our local church. I count it a real joy to have a position in leadership at a place full of people who love Jesus and love each other. I have immensely enjoyed leadership and personal relationships through these years God has blessed us with.

Without a doubt I can proclaim the people of Goss Memorial have made me a better leader.

I count it joy to have experienced all God has brought this community and our local church through over the past fifteen years. Praise be to God!



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